It took just one evening back in 2012 to turn my fingertips that moved repetitively atop a mouse and keyboard, to one that manoeuvred across a table top with fabric scissors and cutting knife. Chasing the love of making, I had moved from a digital designer at a production agency in the heart of London to a designer/maker who designs and crafts branded products for these same agencies. So in 2014, I launched Studio Candice Lau, a designer/maker studio that creates branded leather gifts and bespoke pieces for the creative industry. 

Back then, while working the cool and exciting media industry in London, I was invited to my fair share of events. While I appreciated the free branded gifts, somehow, these often did not reflect the design, elegance and aesthetics of the brands and agencies it was there to represent. So anchored with the skills of a designer and leather craftsperson, I began to redefine ‘branded gifts’ of mass produced mugs and USB’s to beautifully considered design products. I created designs that represented my own brand aesthetics, as well as that of the companies and clients I was designing for. 

Since the beginning, I’ve always worked collaboratively with companies like The Sweet Shop, The Mill, &Smith Designs, Purple Creative, Its Bigger amongst others, to design and produce small runs of branded products. With events for Lacoste and Bang and Olufsen, I was invited to monogram each product, thus redefining the generic ‘branded gift’ to a ‘personalised gift’. 


Our work with 'The Working Well Trust' for mental health and creating independence

Over the years, the success in transforming my samples to beautifully crafted products have been made possible by our partnership with 'The Working Well Trust'. An organisation that was created in 1992, men and women who found themselves unable to build a sense of independence due to mental illnesses were given a chance to train as a seamstress and work with brands like my own. 

By working with ‘the Working Well Trust’, and collaborating to create products for your company, we are transforming the lives for many men and women by teaching them a skill that can be practiced wherever they are to forge their own independence. 


Bang and Olufsen

House and Garden Magazine


1. We will start with a free initial half hour consultation to get an idea of your needs.

2. We will then develop a RESEARCH PACK with references, drawings and material samples with an initial cost estimate.

3. Once the design and lead time are approved, we will move forward with a more in depth technical drawing.

4. Once that is approved, we will move onto finally production.



Delivery of work normally includes: material research, production advise, revision of existing designs and possible reworking of designs, new design ideas, pattern construction, CAD sketches of patterns, sampling, small scale productions.



Half hour initial consultation: FREE
Consultations and development of research pack: £50/hr
Technical drawing, pattern construction and production: calculated at £40/hr
Small scale production: Based on product