Leathercraft Workshop

Intensive Leather Course - Make a variation of the Dorian backpack


An exclusive leather crafting weekend to make your own version of the Dorian backpack

Dates: 19th October - 20th October 2019

Our Dorian backpack is one of our most loved pieces, perhaps it’s the beautiful vegetable tanned leather it is made from, or the distinctive edge colouring, or the stitches which is very much a feature of the piece. Since it’s conception, many leathercraft enthusiasts have asked us about how it is made and how they would love to create something just like that.

Therefore, we’ve decided to hold a weekend long leather course to make your own version of the Dorian backpack. This two and half day weekend will be intensive, giving you the time to really construct and finish the bag with finesse whilst applying the essential leather working skills to crafting a bag like the Dorian. Everyone will start from a basic structure that has been designed in the perfect size and length/width ratio to sit comfortably on your back. You will then add in any additional pockets or features that is most suitable for your need.

You will learn:

  • about types of leather and what to use, how to buy

  • types of hardware/accessories

  • product and pattern drawing

  • pattern making

  • cutting with a clicking knife

  • edge finishing: colouring, burnishing, bevelling

  • edge skiving

  • traditional saddle stitching

  • attaching a zipper

  • attaching a pocket

  • adjustable straps

  • creating a handle

  • attaching various different types of hardware/accessories

All materials, hardware, tools and machines will be provided. This course is focused on learning the traditional methods of leatherwork which includes saddle stitching. However, there will be some machine work to be done.

N.B. There will be a choice between black or brown leather for the body of the bag. All straps will be black and hardware in nickel. If there are special hardware, leather, or other decorative elements you would like to add, do bring this along.


Friday 19th October - 18:00-21:00

On Friday, we will work on your design based around the original Dorian backpack. Drawing is essential in this exercise. You will be able to customise by adding pockets with zipper or stud closures, added depths, the type of handles, and the adjustable straps. You will have the chance to go home and further perfect this design before the next day.

Saturday 19th October

We will begin by making the pattern for your bag. We will make a paper mock up to check size and design to make sure this is transferrable to leather. After this is perfected, we will begin to work on your chosen leather. The rest of the day will include cutting, edge finishing, learning to hand skive and machine skive, and preparing for saddle stitching. A lunch break and small afternoon break will be included in the schedule.

Sunday 20th October 2019

We will jump straight into work and continue where you have left off. Today will be dedicated to saddle stitching, applying hardware, learning how to make the adjustable straps, and finally finishing by creasing all the relevant folds and finessing the edges. A lunch break and small afternoon break will be included in the schedule. To finish, we will do a little photoshoot to show off your hard work. We also encourage you to get to know your fellow class mates and really learn from each other, get inspiration and talk through your design ideas throughout the weekend.

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